Quick Tips for Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service for Your Office

Hiring a commercial cleaning service for your office can ensure the location looks its best for visitors and your staff, and it can also ensure that your staff is not wasting their valuable time on cleaning chores. When you are ready to hire a commercial cleaning service, you want to ensure you find the best company but also do your own due diligence in finding out what needs to be done around your office. Note a few quick tips in this regard.

1. Get feedback from your office staff

It's easy to think you know what needs to be done to keep your office clean, but if you work in the back and rarely visit the lobby or the production facility, you may not know what should be cleaned to make them presentable and even safe for your employees and visitors.

Before you're ready to hire a commercial cleaning service, consider sending out a survey or questionnaire to your employees and asking them for suggestions. Take some time to read them through and then get verbal clarification on anything you don't understand or have overlooked. This will help you to get ready for the next step.

2. Make a list of what you definitely need done in the office

Don't have potential cleaning companies come to your location and then give you a list of what needs to be done, but first have a list prepared of items that need attention. Of course every office will need vacuuming and the cleaning of the toilets in the restrooms, but you may want to ensure that windowsills get dusted, the glass picture frames of the artwork in the lobby get polished, the dishwasher in the kitchen gets emptied and so on. Having an actual list will ensure that nothing is overlooked by a commercial cleaning service.

3. Be open to suggestions from your cleaning service

Having a list you give to your cleaning service is a good thing, but remember that cleaners will have lots of experience in how to get your office space looking its best. You may have overlooked dusting the baseboards and cleaning the grout on the tile floor, and things like this can make your space look very bright and fresh. Consider a commercial cleaning service as your partner in getting your office clean and listen to their suggestions after covering the list of items you know you want done.