4 Instances When Your Carpet Needs to be Cleaned by Professionals

While carpet is a great flooring option for your home, it requires regular cleaning and maintenance. As a matter of fact, carpets easily absorb contaminants that may pose health risks to you and your family. And so, to maintain the hygiene of your home, you should vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. You also need to have them deep cleaned by professionals once in a while if you notice that vacuuming is not entirely effective. If you are wondering if your carpet is due for deep cleaning, read on to learn the four instances when you should have the carpets cleaned by professionals.

When You Have Allergies That Keep Coming Back

Carpets trap dust, bacteria and allergens, which accumulate and cause allergies. A lot of these allergens are trapped in the fibres of the carpet. This makes it very difficult to remove these elements by simple vacuuming. Therefore, if you notice that you keep having allergies, it is a sign that you should hire professional cleaners to clean your carpet. These professionals clean carpets thoroughly and remove all the dirt trapped in the fibres, which, in the long run, gives you relief from allergies associated with dust and dirt.

When Your Carpet Is Emitting Foul Odors

A sure sign that your carpet is dirty is when it starts to emit a foul smell. When the carpet has accumulated dirt, particularly wet elements, it starts to emit a non-welcoming smell. If your carpet is not cleaned immediately, it may grow mildew and mould.

Mould is very dangerous because it aggravates breathing problems such as asthma and triggers allergic symptoms such as coughing and sneezing. If you notice that the carpet is emitting strong odours, you should have it inspected for mould. If the carpet has mould, let professionals clean it to remove the mould and put measures that will prevent its further growth.

When your Carpet Is Dirty and Has Stains

One of the main signs that your carpet needs to be cleaned thoroughly is when it has stains and dirt. To remove these elements, professionals deep clean your carpet. However, many generally advise strongly against deep cleaning the carpet yourself because you can damage it permanently if you use the wrong technique and cleaning products. Professional cleaners ensure that they use products and techniques that are ideal for your carpet's fabric.

When You Have Pets in Your Home

If you have pets, you should have your carpets cleaned often. Pets can easily shed fur and urinate on the carpets, which causes them to quickly accumulate dirt. Vacuuming these areas may not remove the fur or the stains left behind by the pet, demanding that you have it cleaned by professionals.

Dirty carpets harbour bacteria that have a negative effect on your health and that of your family. Although regular vacuuming of the carpet helps maintain the hygiene of your home, there are instances when you may need to have the carpet cleaned professionally. As seen, professional carpet cleaners remove the dirt in the rug and prolong its lifespan. Contact a carpet cleaning service for more information.