Turn Your home Office Into a Refuge With These Five Office Cleaning Tips

Working from home can be challenging in a number of ways, and when you have to balance keeping your house clean, taking care of your kids and doing your job, the cleanliness of your home office can quickly become one of your last priorities. Make your home office feel like an oasis rather than a burden with these five essential cleaning tips:

1. Hide your office when not in use

Separating work life from home life is hard for lots of people, but when your office is right in your home, it can be especially hard. So you don't have to be thinking about reports and sales numbers and other office annoyances, make sure you can hide your home office when it is not in use.

If you have an entire room, just close the doors. If you don't have a room, turn a closet into a home office so you can hide it as needed, or if you work on the kitchen table, make sure you have a bag or a briefcase so you can clean up and pack everything away rather than leaving it out to visually 'nag' you.

2. Keep on top of dust

Regardless of where you work, you need to dust your home office frequently. Dust builds up on the inside of electronics, and it can make laptop fans and other things slow down. Keeping your home office dusted isn't just about keeping it clean, it also protects your equipment.

3. Add flowers and other clean flourishes

You should look forward to going into your office. Ideally, it should be a special part of the home – a place you have to work but where you also get a break from being a parent or a spouse. Cleanliness can help your office feel like a refuge, but also add fun flourishes.

Add flowers to freshen up the area, gauzy curtains to help brighten it up, air purifiers to clean the air or other relaxing flourishes.

4. Spend five minutes every day

At the end of every day, it can be tempting to run right back into your home, especially if you have little ones or pets who have been waiting for your attention all day long. However, if you want to keep your home office under control, you should devote five minutes per day to cleaning it.

At the end of every work day, gather up your old coffee cups, food wrappers and debris, and also organise your files and clean any stains.

5. Outsource office cleaning

Outsourcing cleaning to companies like SKG Pty Ltd is often done in traditional office spaces as there is a large area that needs cleaning.

If you really want to keep your home office clean, you might consider outsourcing the cleaning as well. You can get cleaners who come in weekly or ones who come in occasionally as needed for carpet cleaning or other large jobs. Remember, as they are cleaning your office (and not your home), you can write off the expense as a business expense, helping to lower your tax burden.