Why Every Home and Office Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

A commercial cleaning company is not a luxury that is reserved only for the wealthy, and it's not something to neglect in an office where you might assume your employees can handle basic cleaning on their own. There are many benefits to having a commercial cleaning company visit your home or your office on a regular basis; note a few of them here.

1. The Wrong Cleaning Supplies and Techniques Can Damage Surfaces

Whether at home or in the office, it's good to remember that using the wrong cleaning supplies and even the wrong technique can damage surfaces. In some cases, this can lead to expensive replacement and repair bills.

For example, using a damp mop on a wood floor can leave water spots that may never come up and the floor may need to be refinished. Using a brush to clean a linoleum floor may seem as if it's getting up the dirt, but it might simply be leaving behind scratches that allow more dirt to settle. A professional cleaning company will know the right supplies, chemicals, and equipment to use on each type of surface so that they're protected from damage while being cleaned.

These surfaces can also be improved with the right supplies, for example, an oil-based cleanser may soften a wood floor so it doesn't crack, and a soft brush can bring out the shine of some surfaces. A more thorough clean of the carpeting can restore fibers and keep them from being crushed under dust and other contaminants. In turn, your carpeting may actually last longer when cleaned by a professional using the right shampoo or other product.

2. Needed Repairs Can Be Noticed by Professionals

When a professional cleans your home or office, they may notice needed repairs or signs of damage that you might be overlooking. For example, they may know that you don't really have dirty walls but that your home or office has mold behind the walls. They may notice that tiles are coming loose in the bathrooms, which is a sign of a water leak. When cleaning windows, they may note that the frames are very drafty and that you need weather-stripping to keep your home or office better insulated and free of moisture.

These things may seem small, but by overlooking mold and water leaks and other such repair and maintenance jobs, you may be facing larger repair bills down the road. You may also be wasting money on utility costs for heating and cooling. For more information, contact Delron Carpet Cleaning Service.