How to Properly Prepare for Steam Cleaning a Carpet

Although most modern carpets are treated by the manufacturer to be somewhat stain resistant, this doesn't mean that the carpets are stainproof. And, as accidents will always happen, stain and spillages on the carpet leads many people to invest in a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are excellent for restoring a carpet to that 'new look' standard. There are a couple of things to note before using your steam cleaner for the first time; adhering to these will enable you to steam clean a carpet properly. [Read More]

Working Mums: Five Reasons You Need A Mobile Wash And Fold Laundry Service

An old expression says that "behind every successful woman is a pile of dirty laundry." If you are a successful woman who just doesn't have time to do all of your family's laundry, it may be time to outsource that task. Here are five reasons you should outsource your laundry to a mobile washing and folding service: 1. More family time Balancing a career and a family isn't easy, and in many cases, women are expected to take on the majority of cleaning tasks in their families regardless of how much they work. [Read More]

The process of asbestos removal

Asbestos is a heat resistant material that is used in insulating and fire resistant materials. This is why asbestos residues are found commonly in ceiling boards and dry wall of old houses. Many companies stopped using asbestos in production of construction material in the late eighties after it was found to have serious implications in health. This was in the case of factory workers who had long-term exposure working in these factories. [Read More]

Opening a Restaurant or Coffee Shop: 5 Essential Commercial Cleaning Products You Need

If you are opening a new restaurant or coffee shop, you need to have commercial cleaning supplies on hand. Even if you plan to outsource most of your cleaning, you still need a few basics on hand for accidents, emergencies and cleaning between sessions with professional cleaners. To get started, here is a look at the basics every restaurant, bar or coffee shop needs. 1. Lots of rags When running any type of eatery, you need lots of rags. [Read More]