Professional Cleaners | 3 Trade Tricks To Successfully Win A Government Business Cleaning Deal

Winning a business cleaning contract with a government agency is significantly harder than it is with a private company because there's probably a long-drawn process involved during bidding. This guide equips you with trade tricks to successfully win a government business cleaning deal.

Equip Your Business With An ABN And ACN

Usually any business or vendor associated with the government should have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN). This exclusive 11-digit number helps you avoid being subject to Pay As You Go (PAYG) tax on received payments. If you run a more formal enterprise, you may also have to apply for an Australian Company Number (ACN) to be eligible. Check whether the government has any other pre-requisites before applying for the tender. In some cases, the government may ask for police clearances, which you will need to obtain from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) before applying for the business cleaning deal.

Fill Out The Government–Proposed Tender Judiciously

Most government-related jobs for vendors will be presented in the form of a tender to be filled by interested parties. This can sometimes be tricky because you may try to fill it up as quickly as possible and end up making silly mistakes, which could disqualify you from the race. When filling out the requirements, make sure you address every aspect judiciously to avoid being excluded because of an incomplete application. Fill out the tender in a manner that helps you demonstrate your expertise in the required field. For instance, if the business cleaning position is for a confidential paperwork-filled office, validate your experience through client referrals in similar circumstances like doctor and lawyer offices. References related to the government business cleaning tender can help strengthen your bid tremendously because the authorities may recognise your ability to work in a similar environment.

Join Business Networking Associations For The Cleaning Industry

While this may seem like a waste of your time, it is often worth joining business networking associations for the cleaning industry in your local city because they can help strengthen your application during your tender bid. This is especially true if you are a member of a professional, recognised body with a code of ethics and conduct. These accreditations can tip the scale in your favour because the government body can be convinced more easily that you check out through your network association. For instance, the Australian Cleaning Contractors' Alliance (ACCA) is a professional association equipping members with advice and help on issues related to the industry. An accreditation from the ACCA can make your government business cleaning bid more successful.

Follow these trade tricks in your effort to successfully win a government business cleaning deal.