Areas To Focus On During A Bond Clean

Many first time renters of property are unaware what the term 'bond clean' means until they try to get their deposit – or bond – back from the landlord.  After a bond clean, the property should be in the same condition as it was when it was first rented by the present occupier; this ensures that you get your bond money back.

You can choose to hire a company to undertake a bond clean or you can do it yourself. Look at some areas to focus on when doing your own bond clean:

Concentrate On The Carpets

One of the most important areas to focus on while doing a bond clean is the carpets in the property. Many tenants have made the mistake of simply vacuuming the carpets, thinking that doing this will be enough. It never is, and many people have lost their bonds because of the carpets alone.

Always use a steam cleaner on the carpets before you leave. This will remove any stains, and show the property off in a good light. If possible, save on the steam cleaner rent money by borrowing one from a friend or family member.

Don't Forget The Skirting

The skirting boards are clearly noticeable when they are dirty, especially if you have steam cleaned the carpets. It can be easy to forget about the skirting as it hides behind furniture and is generally out of view. But a landlord will look at the skirting to make sure it has been cleaned. Don't forget to wipe it down, and remove any marks or stains.

Don't Neglect The Outside Area

It can be easy to concentrate on the inside of the house, and completely forget about any outdoor space you have to clean as well. The landlord will inspect the outdoor area, so don't neglect cleaning it up. Remove any things lying about, and if possible, weed the garden and tidy the yard a bit. It all helps to add to a scenario in which you get your bond money returned.

Clean And Spot Repair The Bathroom

The bathroom is another area that has to be perfect in order for you to get your bond back. It is a good idea to have a quick inspection of the bathroom, and carry out quick repairs you see, such as a loose soap dish or a loose toothbrush holder. Check to make sure that any tiling adhesive is not worn or in need of replacement When cleaning, focus on the walls, floorings, fixtures and fittings. Wash the areas you don't normally wipe down, and don't forget to clean the skirting in here too.

Focusing on certain areas will help you to boost the chances of getting your bond money back. To learn more, contact a company like Top Cleaning Brisbane TCP with any questions or concerns you have.