Working Mums: Five Reasons You Need A Mobile Wash And Fold Laundry Service

An old expression says that "behind every successful woman is a pile of dirty laundry." If you are a successful woman who just doesn't have time to do all of your family's laundry, it may be time to outsource that task. Here are five reasons you should outsource your laundry to a mobile washing and folding service:

1. More family time

Balancing a career and a family isn't easy, and in many cases, women are expected to take on the majority of cleaning tasks in their families regardless of how much they work. Unfortunately, if you have to spend every spare moment at home cooking, cleaning and doing laundry, that doesn't give you much time to just be a mum. However, if you outsource your laundry, you immediately gain more time to play with your kids and focus on your family.

2. Perfectly folded laundry

Have you ever been embarrassed because Susie Homemaker's kids show up at school with their uniforms perfectly pressed while your kids are rumpled and messy? If so, a mobile wash & fold laundry service ensures your kids look practically perfect every morning. Although the laundry service can't help with pony tails or haircuts, it can ensure that your kids' socks are matched. Additionally, you can leave instructions on how you want all of your clothes cleaned. If you want ironed creases or any other specifics, you can get it.

3. Affordable service

Mobile wash & fold laundry services pick up your clothes, wash them, iron them and return them. In some cases, all of these tasks happen in a blissful 24-hour period. For this amazing service, you might expect to spend a lot of money.

However, if you crunch the numbers, the service often ends up being worth it. If you have a washing machine, you need to factor in electricity, water, soap and machine maintenance. If you use a laundromat, you need to think about coins, soap and transportation costs. In both scenarios, you have to value your time as well. Once you factor in an hourly rate for yourself, you are often better off leaving this chore to the professionals.

4. Easier than laundromats and dry cleaners

If you already use a laundromat or a dry cleaner, you can still benefit from switching to a mobile wash & fold laundry service. With this service, you don't have to drive to another location. Your laundry gets picked up from and dropped off at your home.

5. Accessible from anywhere

Regardless of where you live, you can typically pay a laundry service to come to you. In many cases, you can even use these services when you are on vacation. In some cases, even homeless people have been able to use mobile laundry services.

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